Pediatric dermatology

Pediatric dermatology

Part of the Almiaderm clinic is also a section dedicated to our children “children’s Almiaderm”.

The aim of this section of our dermatology clinic is to educate, prevent and treat skin diseases affecting themselves or their friends.

We assume that children are not “shrunken adults” and have their own specificities both in the spectrum and manifestations of skin diseases and especially in the approach to their examination and treatment.

Our main emphasis is on friendly and open communication, which we try to adapt to the age group of the child being examined.

It is very important for us to be as painless as possible during minor dermatosurgical procedures (e.g. removal of viral warts such as moles or plantar warts, removal of moles, biopsy, etc.)

We also emphasize consistent education of parents of children regarding the nature of their child’s disease, treatment recommendations and preventive measures.

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